Our Team

Meet the Fazt Tech Team.

Front Office

Bradley Brown


Lawrence Kingman

Board Member

Donna Sullivan

Board Member

Martin Powers


Jay Turner


Bruce Jacobs


Russell Voss

Technical Designer

Marc Joseph

Manufacturing Rep.

Jennifer Smith


James Paterson

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Wallace

Licensing Agent 

Jason Lake

Licensing Agent 

Meet the Fazt Tech Team

Alongside our dedicated staff of executives, we also have a high functioning team of manufacturers, engineers, and workers behind the scenes. At Fazt Tech, we provide a wide range of professional development opportunities and value the specialized skills our workers bring to our company. By recognizing individual talent, we seek to create an environment that is both innovative and productive. Our employees work diligently to provide high-quality products that are uniquely designed for our customers. With a continuously evolving marketplace, our staff adheres to top industry standards.