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How to Maintain Quality Control When Your Company Expands In Scope

As one of the keys to longevity and profitable operations, business expansion is an extremely important procedure that requires attention to detail and careful planning.


Building brand awareness and boosting company visibility is key to the success of your company.

Fazt Tech on the Importance of Positive Digital Brands in the Digital Age of 2019 Read More

In 1970, the world witnessed the beginning of an era that would become known as the digital age.


Within the business world, the pressure is on to commit to sustainability.

Fazt Tech Shares the Top Five Reasons Why Most Start-Up Companies Fail in the First Year

According to the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration, approximately 70 percent of all start-ups fail in the first decade of operations.

Fazt Tech Explains the Importance of Maintaining a Positive Brand Image in The Digital Age

In the days before digital marketing, people would seek out the products and services they needed by visiting nearby businesses or finding a few listings in the phone book.

Fazt Tech on the Importance of Positive Digital Brands in the Digital Age of 2019 Read More

Whenever entrepreneurs decided to start their companies in the past, one of the first things that they had to do was spend countless hours...


Although the list of reasons why a lot of small businesses fail is fairly long, some mistakes almost seem counterintuitive. For example, it is not uncommon to see companies shut down because they were growing too fast...


Automation is a word that carries various connotations in the manufacturing industry. For some, it represents the exciting new frontier of working procedures being performed faster and more efficiently than ever..