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At some point your product will be ready for production. Its time to start finding out how much it will cost to get it made.

Here at Fazt-Tech we can do small test production runs for 1000 units on up to a large production run of 100,000 units or more. All products are packaged and ready for retail sale.

The purpose and importance of a small production run is to test market your product. You can get a feel for the marketability and cost analysis while selling 1000 units. You may find that the price you were selling at is too high or too low. If your price is too high your sales might suffer. If your price is too low you may not have much profit or even lose money. A big advantage of a small run is so you can get the product at the right selling price to maximize profit and sales.

Larger production runs are usually implemented when a purchase order is secured. In that instant the retail seller with experience in the product field will set a retail price.

Our typical Production Quotes will supply the following information:

  • Unit Cost (Unit Price)
  • Freight/Duty/Customs/Warehousing Costs
  • Tooling Cost
  • Artwork and Photography for 4 Color Retailer Package
  • Animated Video for product (Optional)

If you are interested in getting your product made contact us today for a Production Quote and Pricing. Our turn around time is 2-3 weeks.

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